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Statistical Analysis Business System
Table of Function of StatWorks/V5E

PDF version
Table of Functions of StatWorks/V5 (95KB)
Functional Comparison between V4 and V5 (116KB)
Basic Procedure Worksheet(1,000 column x 100,000 row,253 category)
Data file I/O(CSV, TXT, Excel)
Graphic file Output(bmp, jpeg, PNG, HTML)
Batch process
Basic Analysis Basic statistics/Correlation coefficient
Frequency table/Multiple cross table
MA chart
Quick view
QC Seven Tools Cause-and-effect diagram
Pareto diagram
Control chart
Scatter diagram
Process Analysis SPC
MSA(Analysis by chart, Analysis of Stability, Analysis of Bias, Analysis of Linearity, GageR&R, Cross tabulation analysis)
Design of Experiments Factorial experiment(Planning, One-way layouts, Two-way layouts, Multi-way layouts)
Orthogonal array(Planning, Orthogonal array)
Response surface analysis(Response surface design, Optimization of Single response, Optimization of Multiple responses)
Effect plot
Quality Engineering Planning for Parameter design
Robust parameter design
Multivariate Analysis Simple regression analysis
Multiple regression analysis / Quantification Method〔Ⅰ〕
Orthogonal polynomial regression
Logistic regression analysis
Principal Component analysis
Quantification Method〔Ⅲ〕
Discriminant analysis / Quantification Method〔Ⅱ〕
Hierarchical cluster analysis
Reliability Analysis Probability plot(Probability plot, Consider of distribution)
Accelerated test model(original data, lifetime indicator)
Test and Estimation Test and estimation of discrete data(Nonconforming ratio in population, Difference of nonconforming ratio in two populations, Number of defects in population, Difference of defects in population, m*n contingency table)
Test and estimation of continuous data(Population variance, Ratio of two population variances, Uniformity for more than 3 population variances, Population, Difference between two population means, The difference of the two population means for the paired data, Test of outliers)
Nonparametric test(Chi^2 test, Wilcoxon rank sum test, MOOD test, Kruskal-Wallis test, Wilcoxon signed rank test, Friedman test)
Power of test and Sample size
Calculation of probability