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Export Control Policy of StatWorks

Last Modified: 2017/4/1

The Parameter Sheet of JUSE-StatWorks/V5E is here. (1.71MB)

In japan, safekeeping and international peace in advanced technology that could be converted into weapons of mass destruction and military application's diffusing be prevented, and regulating to export including software that have sophisticated encryption features and constant or more computational ability from viewpoint aim to "foreign exchange foreign trade act".

When these softwares are exported oversea, as material for minister of economy, trade and industry individually exporting license or judgment in what way do you need, in custom, may ask for submitting of Parameter Sheet(relevance judgment calligraphy).

In us, provide in free parameters sheet for you who overseas to Stats Works/V5 export(carry-on luggage etc by personal computer is contained), and is supporting customer ' compliance activities.

The Institute of JUSE Mathematical Devision


If not product system(hereinafter, in the person of license program) run, or, if there is physical defect on license program media, Institute of JUSE(hereinafter, being termed I.O.JUSE) is limited between delivery 2 months, and respond by whichever of replacement, repair or price refund.

With the proviso, when this situation arises by reason that do not attribute to our seme, natural calamities natural calamity, willful, negligence or misuse of you including earthquake, not I.O.JUSE the responsibility.

The I.O.JUSE on licensed programs, warranty attached to the product whether express or how implicit. However, this does not guarantee that are not based on the contract.

I.O.JUSE is those that do not accept responsibility of(possibility that foresee of the possibility of lost income of you, interruption business, loss of business information, etc., or damage occur includes events) except for matter that is provided to the above.

When matter that you were specified in product warranty was contravened, I.O.JUSE serious reason for and can not continue, to you, those that can terminate matter in the product warranty immediately without prior notice of nothing whatever is formed.

The, even if terminate the agreement, amount that you paid do not return.