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Attention before using the trial version

Be sure to read this manual before using the trial version.
To download and use the trial version, you need to read and agree to the "Software use conditions" below.


Software usage conditions

If you do not agree to the conditions stated in this document, please remove all of this product from the hard disk without installing this software.

Usage condition

A customer (corporate or individual) can use a software product downloaded from this site (hereinafter referred to as this software) on your computer machine. When this software is on a memory such as RAM or installed in hard disk or other storage device in executable form or other format, this software is "used".

Operation restriction

Please read "About limitation of trial version".


You may not modify, combine, modify, or otherwise adapt the Software in any way, including disassembling and decompiling of the Software.
This system is posted as an individual or a company to evaluate before purchasing the product. Please note that it is forbidden to use it for training at a company or university, for profit-making etc.


Copyrights and other intellectual property rights relating to this software and related documents such as manuals belong to I.O.JUSE, which are based on the copyright laws of Japan and other related applicable laws


I.O.JUSE shall not be liable for any warranty, including liability for warranty of defects on products and rights for this software.

Limited liability

I.O.JUSE shall be exempted from all liability for damages caused to the customer regarding the use of this software.

About limitation of trial version

* It can be used for 30 days after its installation.
* It can handle up to 30 variables x 50 samples.
* You cannot save your data on it.

About installing and uninstalling trial version

Installation notes

Installation procedure

Double click on the trial version downloaded program. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Please exit other applications during installation.

Uninstallation procedure

If you want to delete the trial version from the hard disk, please follow the method below.
Please change the folder name and drive name of the program in the procedure according to your environment. Since the file will be deleted, please do while checking it so as not to make a mistake. Also, please do not work while the trial version system is running.

  1. Open "Control Panel" and select "Add / Remove Programs" or "Uninstall Program".
  2. Double-click the trial version application you want to delete from the list of displayed dialogs, and the uninstaller starts up.
  3. Then follow the on-screen instructions.
    * If you have important data files in the folder, please move them to another location before you do.

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